ALNILAM’s music is alternative and post-rock influenced. Dreamy, atmospheric - vivid images and soaring harmonies

 “We listened to Alnilam’s single of the same name and found it lulls in the way of Enya, the lead singer’s voice containing a rough edge reminiscent of the Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan.” - Hometown Pasadena

"The matured songwriting, along with the dreamstate that the song will leave you in showcases a keen awareness of Alnilam playing to their strengths." - Pure Volume

"Ultimately, Alnilam’s 10 track Indigo Sky allows itself to be something to everybody and that universality in sound appeal practically defines music. From beginning to end, this is a can’t miss debut release from a band that we are sure to hear more from in the future." - IndieMinded

"The whole album is quite beautiful, mellow, easy, and well paced out. Beautiful strings, guitar and double vocals give a depth to Alnilam’s sound, one that is ethereal and open. I recommend this as a fall download and listen." - This Is Not The Radio

"I often found myself lost in wonder while listening to the album, pondering matters of physics and love but about halfway through, my thoughts had become too diffuse to name or relate." - Bearded

"Cálidos sonidos, un voz muy particular y una mezcla de estilos musicales, son los encargados de hacer disfrutar de una tarde de lluvia, tal vez, un día de sol con amigos, un encuentro con uno mismo o solo poner a rodar el disco camino a un buen viaje." - Zone Nights, a music blog from Argentina