Just minutes from the heart of hollywood, arimaka is a private studio designed for pristine sound quality in a unique, comfortable environment.


Designed by Michael Blackmer of Blackmer Design


ATC 25A - Studio Monitors

Dangerous Music Monitor ST - Console master section

JCF AD-1 - Custom A/D converter for impeccable capture to the digital domain

Lavry DA10 (x2) - 4 channels of accurate D/A conversion

Lynx Aurora 16 - Multichannel converter

Dangerous Music 2-Bus LT - Analog Summing Buss

Mac Pro - 32GB of RAM and SSD's, Logic Pro X and Pro Tools

UAD-2 - 1 Octo and One Quad with many great plugins

Euphonix Artist Series - 24 Fader Console, MC Transport

Argosy Console - Built for the Artist Series

Plugins - Soundtoys, Altiverb, Sonnox, Izotope, Eventide, Slate Digital, Waves


Mastering Chain

Dangerous Music Liaison - Mastering transfer console

Dangerous Music BAX EQ - Bandaxall based equalizer

Manley Massive Passive Mastering Version - Tube equalizer

Pendulum 6386 - Variable Mu Tube Limiter

Maselec MPL-2 - Peak Limiter / De-esser

API 2500 - Stereo buss compressor from the classic API console

Microphones / Preamps

Manley Reference Cardioid - One of the best tube vocal microphones

Microtech Geffell M300 (x2) - Small diaphragm stereo pair

Custom Ribbon "Elvis" - Built by Clarance Kane of ENAK microphones who worked at RCA for 25 years

Shure SM7b - Classic dynamic microphone with a timeless sound for vocals or instruments

Avenson STO-2 (x2) - Omni condenser mics with an open, natural sound

Great River MP2-NV - Modern version of a Neve 1073, one of the preferred preamps on the market

Great River MP2-MH - Transparent mic pre with dual outputs: with or without transformers

Other microphones - Shure Beta 91a, Shure Beta 52a, Shure Beta 57a (x2), CAD M179 (x2), Sennheiser ME-80 (shotgun)

Utilities - Little Labs Red Eye (DI/Re-Amp), Little Labs STD (x2), Palmer Stereo DI