Mik Current is the vision of Michelangelo Corrente to bring latin components to american rock music. Originally a drummer from Venezuela, Mik moved to the US in 2009 with a dream that took him through a journey of exploration in search of musical knowledge and techniques for his voice, songwriting and arranging. He lived in Miami, Boston and finally settled in Los Angeles, where he built his character as a singer-songwriter and decided to start a solo project that successfully fuzes his passion for rock with his Latin origins. 

“It’s a little bit sweaty, a little bit sexy, a little bit brooding” — BuzzBands.LA

“Mik Current Puts His Own Unique Salsa Stamp On Indie Rock With “Rabbit Box” — SpeakIntoMyGoodEye

“The body begins to groove alongside his seductive and scratchy voice that is complemented by his own flair” — Girl Underground Music

“Lies displays true raw talent, making for an intriguing and instantly distinctive style” — Velvet Independent